About Us

We are from "The Region". Growing up here, we understand the communities and want to see the businesses succeed. Accessibility is key when you need support for your business.

We are a local small business. Business owners wear many hats, and when they need information and assistance, not having to wait for days or weeks for a response is crucial. You should not have to do anything more than report the hours and information needed to complete a payroll, we do the rest. This includes payroll tax filings and payments. When working with Payroll Vault, a dedicated specialist will understand your business and continue to support you in identifying improvements for your workforce management tasks.

Even though we are a small business, we have the tools to support the largest of businesses. We offer many employer and employee related services which allows us to be a one-stop destination. Having a single point of contact can increase efficiency in your business operations. Most products we offer can be used along with payroll processing, or as separate services.

Whether you pay one employee or multiple, every payroll is important. None is too small to get the attention it deserves. Our pricing is competitive, and often saves you money. We are always looking for quality referral partners as well.



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